Monday, April 8, 2013

Fundraising update

I think I've finally gotten everything set up!

Just as a reminder for those that may have missed the post a couple of weeks ago. I decided to make this journey back to being a healthy athlete as an opportunity to do more. I'm going to help kick cancer in the teeth. Part of my inspiration for making this journey is a good friend of mine, Christine Evans, who beat back breast cancer after she faced it down. She had nothing but grace, courage, humor, and spirit in the face of such a difficulty. I can only hope that I can show the courage and grace under fire that she has shown in battling this. And so, in her name, and in the name of every other person who faces down this beast called cancer, I am raising funds to put an end or at least put more happy endings to cancer.

My goal is to raise $25 per mile of my half-ironman (roughly $1775).

If you would like to join me in this cause, you can donate online through the following website.

I promise not to pester you through my blog about donating, but if you can - any little bit helps!

Thanks for listening and thanks for helping me give back during this journey.