Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reflecting on Boston

My original plan was to post the race report from the Bridges to Brews 10K from Portland and catch up on the events of the last week from my training and progress, but given the events of yesterday I felt the need to talk about Boston a little bit. I'll post my catch up tomorrow instead.

The events that happened in Boston on Monday are truly horrific for anyone. For me, maybe it holds a different kind of horror because it's an endurance event that draws big crowds like many that I want to participate in. I could not help but think for a moment about the dread of if that were to happen where I was racing. My heart aches for each and every one of the participants, volunteers, officials, families, residents, and everyone affected by these events. My heart seeks relief for those who are in pain. I wish for speedy recoveries for all those injured and may comfort and peace somehow find those who are touched by those who have been lost.

But that dread and fear has passed and instead is replaced by a level of determination, maybe laced with a little anger. We cannot allow the cowards who attacked innocent people to make us change who we are and what we do. That's not to say we shouldn't take reasonable precautions. Of course, we must. But we cannot allow them to take these kind of events that bring people together from all corners of the world, the country, and our communities. We must mourn the lost and heal the wounded. But let us carry on these events. Let us have more people come out, spectators and competitors. Let us rise from the events of Boston 2013 stronger, faster, more determined. Let the events go on with more runners, more triathletes, more spectators, more everything.

They cannot defeat our spirit. Endurance athletes and those who love us know that these events are about pushing through pain, showing strength in the face of difficulty, and picking up our fellow human beings when they fall or struggle. These are traits that we know and let us use them to lead the way back from this horror.

I have chosen to register and run for a race this weekend to prove to the world that we are not afraid to come together and share the bond of competition, friendship, and comradeship the defines all endurance athletics.